Company Outings

We like to have fun at Sloth Rocket games and like to try out different things. Come check out our company activities.

Game Launch Celebration @ Breakout Atlanta

Team 	Dragon's Completion Picture

We had a great time at Breakout Atlanta! All of the teams successfully broke out of their rooms!

Team Falcon

Team Dragon's Completion Picture

The Kidnapping

  • William Craven
  • DJ Curtin
  • Sheila Kirby
  • Clinton Lowe
  • Zach Foster
  • Craig Selby
  • Brandilyn Packer

Team Dragon

Team Dragon's Completion Picture

The Museum Heist

  • James Blocker
  • Miles Leavens-Russel
  • Don Fiechter
  • Asheley Kitchen
  • Robert Painter
  • James Simpson
  • Jeremy Ferris

Team Jaguar

Team Jaguar's Completion Picture

Casino Royale

  • Paul Moriarity
  • Debra Summers
  • Jeff Myers
  • Jonathon Thomas
  • Alyson Phillips
  • Stanislav Benikhis
  • Mike Darby